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  1. Go into the salary negotiation with realistic ideas
  2. Salary negotiations are possible more often than “women” believe
  3. Practice convincing arguments for salary negotiation

The job situation is extremely good. Companies in the finance, IT, real estate, and hospitality sectors are courting qualified applicants due to a lack of skilled workers – and are more willing to raise the salary of current employees. But what is the best way to successfully negotiate a higher salary? Women find this particularly difficult.

We have put together a list of tips on how to prepare properly and present convincing arguments to successfully negotiate a higher salary.

By the way, the following tips are not only relevant to women!

In 2020, the unadjusted gender pay gap was 18% according to the Federal Statistical Office. There is much debate about the reasons for this. However, we at LHC International notice one thing again and again: women are significantly more reserved than men when it comes to salary negotiations.

Social norms probably play a big role here: being sweet, charming, and modest is something girls are taught at an early age. This often continues in professional life. Not only do women start at a lower level, but they also demand salary increases much less often than men. So it is time to adapt your behaviour and prepare well to negotiate a higher salary:

How to negotiate a higher salary? - 3 tips for women

1. Go into the salary negotiation with realistic ideas

Find out about market salaries for your position. Numerous online tools and salary calculators on the internet provide information about salaries for certain sectors, regions, or company sizes. Also, ask men in the same or similar positions about their salaries. Do this with tact, even if male employees are more open about this subject An ideal place to start is specialised recruitment agencies: they know the current market conditions very well and can give ideal advice on determining your market value.

2. Salary negotiations are possible more often than “women” believe.

Many female employees ask for a salary increase too rarely. Often 2 to 3 years pass between two salary talks. Yet annual talks are quite common, and the likelihood of a 3 to 5 % salary increase is quite high with good performance.

Ideally, you should talk about your salary adjustment when, for example, you have just completed a project or have taken on more tasks. If you change jobs, even up to a 10% salary increase is possible. Of course, this applies regardless of gender.

Female candidates need to present their salary requests confidently in the job interview. Our tip: Set yourself an amount that you would like to earn. Then add some room for negotiation and go into the salary negotiation with this amount confidently and well-prepared.

3. Practice convincing arguments for salary negotiations

3 Tipps, wie Frauen eine Gehaltsverhandlung erfolgreich meistern

We would like to emphasise one rule in particular: Never go into a salary negotiation unprepared. Your counterpart, whether a current or future boss, has already had numerous salary discussions and will want to hear your arguments for the salary increase.

Therefore, before the salary negotiation, draw up your track record and list your knowledge and skills. Consider in advance whether it has to be a salary increase or whether it can also be an alternative such as an allowance for a health measure, more home office, more flexibility, further training, or even a company bicycle.

Think carefully about which qualifications, experience, or additional responsibilities justify more salary – and practice how to negotiate a higher salary. Ask your family and friends for support. In this way, sharpen your demands – and also possible counterarguments that need to be refuted. Finally, optimal preparation gives you a lot of security, which you need for a successful salary negotiation in any case.

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