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At LHC International, our mission is to connect top hospitality and real estate leaders worldwide and foster sustainable relationships with our clients.

Since 2013, we have established a successful track record in executive search, supported by a robust global network, comprehensive industry experience, and a highly motivated team. We collaborate with global companies and outstanding executives within the hospitality and operational real estate sector, encompassing Serviced Apartments, Hotels, Resorts, Hostels, Co-Working and Co-Living spaces.

We do not provide résumés. We connect leaders.

As an International Executive Search Firm, we collaborate with leading hospitality and operational real estate companies, specialising in the recruitment of senior-level talent.

Recruitment Simplified

As your Executive Search Partner, we actively tailor our support to meet the distinct needs of both our clients and candidates. Grasping your strategy, planning, and vision enables us to become your ideal recruitment ally.

Experience the difference with LHC International – where finding the right candidate for you isn’t just a goal, it’s our commitment.

At LHC International, we are proud to serve over 3,000 clients from more than 25 countries.

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For Companies

Our Executive Search consultants are equipped to find the best candidates for you, drawing from our hand-selected talent pool and extensive network. We combine recruiting experience, market insights, strong intuition and a value-based approach to tailor our search to your specific requirements and preferences.

For Candidates

Are you ready to take your career to the next level in the hospitality or operational real estate sector? With partnerships with over 3,000 clients, our Executive Search consultants possess valuable insights to assist you in excelling throughout the recruitment process. We’re here to turn your career advancement into a reality.

Immanuel DiekmannImmanuel Diekmann
09:16 13 Jun 24
Linda Zinkler and her colleagues did a complete job. The discussions were shortly organized, directed and conducted with the necessary professionalism to the satisfaction of both parties.
Florian LevenFlorian Leven
13:27 06 Jun 24
My experience with LHC International Central Europe, especially with Ms. Diolulu, was very good. From the start she had an eye for detail, which meant that she suggested suitable positions that were very interesting. Great support and highly recommended.
Laura SchramLaura Schram
08:00 31 May 24
I found a new job working with Robin Johnson. It remains to be seen whether it was worth it :) But the communication and exchange was very pleasant, relaxed and always available!
Chris LangschmidtChris Langschmidt
14:13 02 May 24
I was contacted by Lisa and had very good experiences with the placement. I can only recommend:)
Irene PSIrene PS
09:03 29 Apr 24
Top-notch support and seamless experience with LHC, specially with Lisa Lunzer. Her personalized approach ensured she matched me with the perfect opportunity. Professionalism and dedication shone through every step, making the process stress-free. Highly recommend for anyone seeking career advancement. Thank you, Lisa!
Sabrina MehlitzSabrina Mehlitz
10:06 26 Mar 24
I was in contact with Raha Kourouzhdeh. She was super professional, friendly and caring. She guided me well throughout every step of the process and I felt like she went the extra mile. I would always work with Raha again!
Ted HeinrichTed Heinrich
09:15 25 Mar 24
I got to know Raha Kourouzhdeh as a very committed, hard-working HR consultant who masters the balancing act between the applicant's requirements and the client's requirements very well! I also appreciate the very trusting collaboration with her.
Saeid MirzaeiSaeid Mirzaei
00:49 23 Mar 24
Raha Kourouzhdeh, skillfully navigated me through a fascinating and rigorous process. She conducted herself with utmost professionalism, guiding me every step of the way. I am deeply grateful for her dedication and the time she invested.Thanks to her efforts.
Ad Polderman De JongAd Polderman De Jong
17:40 22 Mar 24
Thank you so mutch Raha Kourouzhdeh for your cooperation and your professionnel skills find great new job
Mahtab ShahbaziMahtab Shahbazi
17:17 22 Mar 24
Raha Kourouzhdeh was incredibly helpful and kind.
maryam ayazimaryam ayazi
16:41 22 Mar 24
That was a pleasant experience. I was able to get detailed information from Ms. Raha Kourouzhdeh, which I found very helpful.
foad behnoodifoad behnoodi
15:18 22 Mar 24
The service provided by Raha Kourouzhdeh was very good! She helped me to get a better understanding of the market and on what the next good step would be for me !
Anna ReinckeAnna Reincke
13:16 05 Feb 24
Dear Valentina,Thank you very much for reaching out to me via LinkedIn. I can only recommend Valentina and the whole LHC team.>CommunicationTimeFlexibilityJob interviewsTeam LHC
10:21 25 Jan 24
Super cool conversation and super professional.From the moment I walked through the door I was treated as if I had been part of the family for years. I had one of the best conversations I've had in years about the hotel and restaurant industry and the position that LHC has in this market.
11:33 22 Jan 24
Anne ArandAnne Arand
07:34 04 Jan 24
Thanks to LHC and Ms. Watzek, I was given a great new job. The support throughout the entire process was always very friendly, open-minded and professional. I can highly recommend working together on a new job search!
Michael MalewskiMichael Malewski
18:15 07 Dec 23
Great care. That's fun. Everyone very nice. Raha Kourouzhdeh was very pleasant and helpful
LHC contacted me through linkedin. At all times they have demonstrated great professionalism, courtesy and diligence. The meetings between the parties were organized carefully and with great professionalism. Raha Kourouzhdeh has put a lot of effort and dedication into her work. I am very grateful to have worked together
Raimund BraunRaimund Braun
18:04 10 Nov 23
My agent, Raha Kourouzhdeh, guided me through a interesting and challenging hiring process. She went through the motions very composed and professional. I can only thank her for her care and time spend. Got the job I wanted at that time. I am looking forward to the next opportunity in the position as Executive Chef at a large hotel. Particular outside Europe. I feel at home in Middle East but also in Africa. Looking forward to your search result and digging into the matter...I am confident she will dig something interesting up in time.Thanks Raha!!
sven petzoldsven petzold
09:07 09 Nov 23
olle ingiolle ingi
11:20 30 Sep 23
I can only speak for Mr. Arnold Carleo, who gave me my current job. This was done in a very professional, friendly and committed but unobtrusive manner, with relevant data being passed on to me and the employer very competently. Mr. Carleo responded very well to my priorities and interests. Both partners were always informed promptly about the status of things, which, together with the employer's pragmatic handling, quickly led to employment.I really like it there. Despite decades of professional experience, I have never experienced such a productive, pragmatic atmosphere with practically only competent and committed colleagues. Nevertheless, you can communicate very well with them, and not just on a nerd level. You learn a lot, short and sweet, it's practically perfect ;) .That was exactly the pretty detailed picture that was given to me beforehand and was therefore very well confirmed.Mr. Carleo puts his heart and soul into his job, and you can feel it.
Marc S.Marc S.
06:39 29 Sep 23
Completely reliable, trustworthy and extremely follow-up.You feel very well taken care of and supported.
Felix RudolphFelix Rudolph
22:19 26 Sep 23
LHC, in the person of Mr. Mathias Bach, really convinced me as a recruiter in the real estate industry. The introduction of the company, the position and all discussions were very good. In particular, the preparation for the interview was simply great. His inside information about the company helped a lot. Always my pleasure.
06:25 26 Sep 23
So far, the best agency I have ever interacted with. Talent discovering to the best of the opportunities, the team is very professional with a touch of human appeal. There are many providers with similar spec in the market, but LHC is enhanced in all the aspect of the recruitment process. If you are after a company to trust, with devotion and knowledge, LHC is the third party to affiliate with. You will not be disappointed, you will be assisted and supported all the way through. Best Team ever …
Sven BüttnerSven Büttner
13:28 25 Sep 23
I am extremely satisfied from the first contact, very personable, competent, reliable and advising. They were very committed to the interests of suitable candidates. I can only recommend. A big thank you to Stephanie
Spiros IoannouSpiros Ioannou
12:50 24 Sep 23
I had a very good experience from the moment LHC contact me for a job offer. Garry and Nick were very polite, with an extremely professional approach creating the feeling of confidentiality and discernment. Very clear and straight forward directions and descriptive to the job requirements. Also a great advisors for the best deal possible.Thank youSpiros Ioannou
15:37 04 Aug 23
You are always confronted with the same company, even though you have leaned against them a year before... unprofessionalContact was made via LinkedIn.... but I couldn't see any development at work. This company seems to have new employees all the time and they all seem awkward
Tina KörberTina Körber
15:54 13 Jun 23
great connection,confident, is worth the trust you invest.Here you feel very well cared for.Anytime again andMany, many thanks to the extraordinarily empathetic and extremely reliable Marie Mantel!!
Darya PaprotskayaDarya Paprotskaya
18:16 06 Jun 23
I would like to say a big thank you to Valerie for my new position.I felt very comfortable the whole time. Valeria is very accurate and more than met all my expectations and needs.Definite recommendation.
Maria wedemeierMaria wedemeier
17:24 10 May 23
Reza AkbariReza Akbari
13:53 29 Mar 23
Absolutely competent and excellent service! I was looked after by Ms. Zinkler and can only report good things. It was a pleasant and very enlightening collaboration that opened doors to promising and very good jobs for me. Gladly again!
19:42 01 Jul 22
I was in touch with Alessandro and Stephanie who were very nice, helpfull and professional during the entire process of my recruitment.
Sahawat HiranwattanaSahawat Hiranwattana
09:12 11 Apr 22
Supportive and helpful. Khun Belle assisted the way through my new job. Thank you.
ahmad Elhassanahmad Elhassan
17:09 10 Feb 22
The team helped me find the right employer to join and the role that aligns with my goals. Very professional and effective,the team put in the effort to find the right match and supported me throughout the interview process. Highly recommended!
Florian PedemanaudFlorian Pedemanaud
09:21 04 Jul 19
Highly experienced, knowledgeable and professional team of consultants - effective process & perfect candidates have been suggested!
Felix MischkeFelix Mischke
08:18 16 Oct 18
Highly professional team, placing fast and reliable. Certainly the #1 recruiter in hospitality in Germany.
Nacho De la FuenteNacho De la Fuente
17:31 07 Jun 24
I have been a candidate with LHC in a project that ultimately did not go ahead for me. I was lucky enough to meet and contact Juan Calvo. Juan accompanied me throughout the entire process with continuous communication. Whenever I had any concerns or questions he was available on the other end of the phone. If, as a candidate, he has behaved so well, I don't even want to think about handing over to the client. We have reviewed several positions together and I have always trusted his judgment on vacancies. He is a person who comes from the hotel world and knows how to perfectly understand what the candidate and the company are looking for to make the perfect fit. I hope we can collaborate together in the future.
16:16 07 Jun 24
Juan's treatment was unbeatable. A great professional. Attentive and aware of the process. A 10 in my opinion
Juan Calvo is a professional who is interested in candidates and truly seeks to adapt to their interests.
Flavia ErcoliFlavia Ercoli
14:19 06 Jun 24
My experience with Aina has been amazing. She has been incredibly transparent and supportive during the whole 3.5 months of my hiring process. She helped facilitating communication between the parties and striving to bring everyone towards the same goal in the best possible way.Always available and responsive, she is a very attentive professional who does her job with a passion!
Inigo LopezInigo Lopez
12:53 06 Jun 24
Very good experience. Aina Mateu contacted me for a position, I had doubts as I had several options but she informed me very well, being very clear and sincere, and I chose what she offered me. I just completed one year in that company and I am very happy.
Phil Levin I want to extend my gratitude for the opportunity to meet you during the long process/ journey together ! It was such a pleasure to meet you and i am so impressed with your professionalism and personal care !Well done !You showed the concept I like : people first ! Before, during and after the process ! First time I saw this attitude within 27 years of career ! Congratulations Phil!
Aali GhufranAali Ghufran
14:05 10 Apr 24
I had the pleasure of collaborating with Juan Calvo on a potential job opportunity. Juan went above and beyond to ensure I am well prepared, he did his research very well and kept me updated with the recruitment process. I was very impressed with Juan’s commitment that I secure the opportunity. I would strong recommend Juan to all employers and potential candidates.
Botho SteinBotho Stein
08:21 19 Mar 24
Fantastic experience with LHC! Dealt with Juan Calvo Hernandez who was exceptionally pleasant and knowledgeable alike. Kept me informed during all stages of the process, would definitely strongly recommend their services.
Felipe ZúñigaFelipe Zúñiga
17:44 19 Feb 24
My experience with Juan C. could not have been more pleasant. Closeness, clarity and professionalism is what I would highlight about the interaction. Continuous monitoring and feedback is what puts people first.
Carla Rodriguez MillanCarla Rodriguez Millan
17:44 31 Jan 24
Fantastic recruitment company.They are responsible for carrying out exhaustive follow-up with the candidate and the company.Serious and professional, especially Juan, with whom I was in a selection process and knew how to help me, guide me, and even advise me throughout the entire process.I hope we meet in the future.
Fran HFran H
20:52 19 Jan 24
Incredible service by Juan Calvo! What a profesional! It’s been a long process but he is been there in every step of the way!Thank you so much for connecting with me and hopefully we can meet in person soon!
Jack OréJack Oré
19:19 19 Jan 24
Martin GarciaLiresMartin GarciaLires
22:44 18 Dec 23
I have had the opportunity to collaborate with LHC in a selection process and the experience has been very positive. Phil has been very attentive and constantly following up, which conveys a lot of confidence and security that things are being done well.I recommend. It will be guaranteed successThank you
Rafael de LuqueRafael de Luque
09:29 01 Dec 23
Fantastic communication with candidates. Very fast and efficient management as well as pleasant. A pleasure to meet Juan and the LHC team.
Talisha WoodwardTalisha Woodward
08:56 25 Sep 23
I would highly recommend LHC. I was contacted by LHC with an interesting opportunity, just as I tentatively started exploring the market after 15 years. The recruitment industry does not always have a reputation for being understanding, supportive or genuinely interested in making sincere, long lasting connections between people, but this company, and in particular Nick Rees, did all this and more. I am now in my fourth week of this new job, which is a great fit for me and the team. I’m loving it and excited to start my working day. So grateful to LHC! Thank you.
Umberto OttavianiUmberto Ottaviani
15:13 21 Sep 23
Felicie PenotFelicie Penot
14:19 21 Sep 23
Thanks to Nick and the entire team for their motivation, useful insights and transparent support to candidates, ultimately leading to a successful match with the company. It's a winning formula! Cheers!
Valerio ZampettiValerio Zampetti
13:25 21 Sep 23
Highly qualified people with great professionalism. They assist you throughout the whole process and have a great knowledge of the RE industry.
Emanuele ManciniEmanuele Mancini
13:20 21 Sep 23
Very professional and experienced company ready to assist accross all processes on 360 degres.I have been dealing since the last 10 years with many company but them they surpass by far all standards and communication across all. Simply the best!!
13:14 21 Sep 23
Great company to work with!
Aey SanonAey Sanon
04:15 05 Jun 24
It was a very good experience. In working together with LHC (Khun Laeng), Khun Laeng provided very good care and advice at every step, provided necessary information in interviews and provided follow-up feedback that was very structured. Highly recommend LHC, Khun Laeng. For everyone who is looking for work.
Tanyapat KhajhondechaTanyapat Khajhondecha
03:12 05 Jun 24
I truly recommended this professional company and thank you for all your support with warmest service from sincere heart. It's an honor to get the opportunity from you to achieve my career goal.I think it's important to have the right man at the right place and this company would be the right choice for your company to find the right one for you by their professional skill of recruiting that you could trust them.Wish you all the best,Tanya
Oranit S.Oranit S.
12:38 27 May 24
Big thanks to LHC team, especially to Khun Nattakarn (Natt) - very fast, supportive and professional! Really impressed!👍
Narongrit NimtienNarongrit Nimtien
08:13 29 Apr 24
Thank you K. Aina Czarina, K. Taan Lamtaan and LHC team for the entire recruiting process and for following up with me to secure a once in a life time opportunity with a world class company and the industry leader. I am so grateful for this opportunity. You all are sensational.
Phyo Myint AungPhyo Myint Aung
14:18 25 Apr 24
A big shout out to the team at LHC International Asia, especially Khun Belle. I really appreciate. Thanks to your professionalism and overwhelmed support, I could do my best for my career advancement and achieved what I aimed. I highly recommend LHC International Asia to everyone who wants to grow better and go further.Best regards,Phyo
shledonmarc Niglishledonmarc Nigli
03:16 23 Apr 24
I must say really great company. Professional people and consultants.I would like to mention Belle , she’s just great and so mature. She following up with u all the time. Makes sure your get the best in the market.She knows her product like the back of her hand. Love the way she is so quick and efficientGreat job belle
abcjoey abcjoeyabcjoey abcjoey
02:49 23 Apr 24
Khun Aina is very good at communicating and coordinating. and follow up on the job throughout the entire job application period until when you get the job Thank you very much, Ms. Ina and Ms. Bell.
Jason JayJason Jay
05:01 18 Oct 23
I had a great experience at LHC International Asia and received good advice and assistance from Natt who kept me updated and informed during the process. Thank you LHC.
Mimi ChamaikornMimi Chamaikorn
02:58 14 Oct 23
I would like to express my gratitude to K.Nattakarn (Natt) for all supporting.Very appreciated for all she did for me and always an updated the result.Very professional
Peera BoonsaengPeera Boonsaeng
08:33 18 Sep 23
I would like to express my sincere appreciation & thank you to LHC group, special thanks to Khun Yupa for her professionalism to assist me during my interview process with new great company. I can notice that all the preparations including job matching between employees backgrounds and employer’s requirements are well organized. Once again thank you for everything and wish LHC International continued success.RegardsPeera
Rommy JohanesRommy Johanes
13:23 30 Aug 23
LHC International Asia definetely one of the best recruitment agency, it reflected by one of their manager.I had been assist by K. Yupa. She guided me through whole process in detail, even she did extra mile on assisting me after receiving contract, just to make sure Im convenient and happy with my new job. Highly recommended.
Pannipa ThiraphongPannipa Thiraphong
03:44 07 Jul 23
A big thank you to the team at LHC, especially Khun Mook. I really appreciate her professionalism and caring attitude, she was incredibly supportive and gave me great advice during the whole process until I found a wonderful job. I'm so grateful and impressed!
Tassanee CHINGTassanee CHING
08:01 21 Jun 23
A true five star recruiter. I had a great experience with and was supported by Khun Aom. She went above and beyond providing professional support throughout the process. Always be available, reachable and understandable...highly recommend 👍
Eakkapol CEakkapol C
09:51 20 Jun 23
Toey TylerToey Tyler
09:42 02 May 23
Very appreciate with a great support/help from LHC, especially K. Belle for your opportunity offered & well supported during the recruitment process
Ravinder ChauhanRavinder Chauhan
09:37 12 Apr 23
I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all of the help you provided during my job search specially K. Mook . Your assistance was invaluable, and I couldn't have found my new position without your guidance.Your expertise in the recruitment process was evident, and your team was able to guide me through each step, from preparing my resume to the final negotiation of my job offer.
Tossaras LupsirikulTossaras Lupsirikul
05:02 08 Dec 22
Highly appreciated in your professional service provided. Anyone who look for career in hospitality , LHC will be highly recommended. I was very impressed with your professionalism and assistance.
Pichaya PatamatamkulPichaya Patamatamkul
04:53 06 Oct 22
Highly recommended if you are looking for careers in hospitality. The team are professional and provide quality services.Thank you Khun Nisakorn for her dedication and genuine support, without her I would not be able to embark on this new journey. Her understanding of the role and candidate has made the perfect match.I am very grateful for the opportunity and best of luck to you and your team :)
Jatuporn MetheebunkongJatuporn Metheebunkong
05:25 27 Jul 22
Highly grateful for the professional consultant service provided. Khun Tam is a cheerful, full of energy, and high responsibility person. Furthermore, I truly value her efforts to keep me informed of all the news while she was away. Recruitment advanced rapidly and above my expectations thanks to good follow-up. Once more, I'm incredibly impressed with the way she arranged and helped me with the next phase of my professional development.
Tunya KraseewatTunya Kraseewat
06:43 11 Jun 22
Thank you for the professionalism of LHC team, Khun Tam whom made transitions seamless. Her ability to follow through within timely manner and coaching along the experiences are beyond expectations. I will definitely recommend LHC to my colleagues especially Khun Tam as gems of the company. Thank you again for making my life less stressful🙏
Highly appreciated and thank you for your best coordination and support for this matter. Khun Tam was enthusiastic and had excellent follow-ups. And also provided comprehensive and clear information. Again thank you for your kindness support ka.Thank you Khun Tam and Boss for this matter.