Executive Recruitment Simplified

Define Requirements

We plan the recruitment process through an analysis of your current business situation, where we can determine your exact candidate requirements or potentially look at more specialized offering such as the complete outsourcing of executive recruiting on a fixed fee basis or even interim management as a temporary solution.

Budget Planning

We strategically consult in all aspects of personnel management including the adequate planning of budgets and other financial indicators involved in hiring the right candidate. At LHC we aim at providing the best solutions for you and will be able to help you maximize your return of investment.

Candidate Search & Screening

Due to our excellent technical and industry knowledge we will save you both time and resources so that you can concentrate on the essentials. With our wide database and network of hospitality professionals, we aim at finding the right candidate for you in a timely matter, while ensuring to personally interview them prior to further consideration.

Candidate Presentation

Since we maintain our contacts and know each candidate personally, LHC International provides you with suitable candidates and not just generic CVs. We take your needs seriously and are aware of your precious time, hence you will be presented a selection of candidates who are truly suitable for your vacancy.

Job Offer & Placement

We are able to find upper management staff over many functional areas and are sure we can find exactly who you are looking for to ensure future success of your hospitality business. A partnership with LHC can go even further than just a successful placement, as we are specialists in coaching, training and all other personal development for your projects.

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