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  1. What are the advantages of clear employer branding for your recruitment?
  2. How to build strong employer branding for your recruitment?
  3. Examples of what makes an employer brand attractive. 
  4. What do we do for our employer branding at LHC International?

Nowadays, we live in a digital world where a variety of information is just a click away. And this at any time of the day or night. Job search also takes place mainly online. It is very easy for job seekers to find out more about companies on the Internet. Along with digitalisation, the concept of employer branding has become increasingly important in recent years.

The aim is for you as a company to create a clear identity as an employer. The best way to do this is to create a strong and clear employer brand.

1. What are the advantages of clear employer branding for your recruitment?

Recruitment can often be a complicated and lengthy process. It is not always easy to find the right people for the right roles. Of course, once the new people are hired, turnover should be kept as low as possible. This means on the one hand that you have hired the right people in your company, and on the other hand that the employees are satisfied with their jobs.

With a smart employer branding strategy, you can improve your employer image, which benefits both you as a company and the job seekers.

Building clear employer branding has a lot of advantages for you as a company. If you have a reputation as a good employer, you will benefit from increased awareness. This in turn attracts more applicants to you.

Employer Branding

A clear employer brand anchors the company values, the foundation of any organisation, on which the whole company culture is based. This gives job seekers a better picture of how your company is structured and what you expect from your employees.

When job seekers have the opportunity to identify with the values and culture of a company, the number of applicants who fit the company is already higher from the beginning. It is always easier to apply for a new company or role when you already know exactly what is expected of you and what is offered in return.

Another advantage is that you can target talent through your clear employer brand, and they will quickly find their way to you. Being perceived as an attractive employer not only brings many applicants but also promotes the loyalty and motivation of existing employees.

Strong employer branding

Absences and fluctuations are reduced, and recruitment processes are shortened, which in turn lowers recruitment costs. Satisfied employees become brand ambassadors who further enhance your image as an employer with their good experiences.

Last but not least, employer branding increases your competitiveness and makes you a better employer. Of course, your goal is to attract competent employees to your company, but to do this you need to be better than your competitors and constantly evolve to offer something good to your employees.

2. How to build strong employer branding for your recruitment?

The path to building a strong employer brand can be described in five simple steps.

Step 1: Define your value proposition as an employer

First and foremost, you need to define what you stand for as a company and how you stand out from the competition. What makes you attractive as an employer and what do you offer your employees? This also works the other way around, what doesn’t make you stand out?

Step 2: Define your communication channels

Once you have defined your value proposition, you need to communicate this to the target groups.

Thanks to the internet, the possibilities are endless today. Online, there are very many career sites, blogs and social media channels that are excellent for this. The world’s largest career network is by far LinkedIn. Here you can stay in touch with your employees and interact with job seekers online, as well as showcase your company and current vacancies.

Many companies also have an intranet, which is great for internal communication. But more traditional meeting places such as events and career fairs are also wonderful places to introduce yourself as a company and present your offer to jobseekers.

Step 3: Define your content

Now that you know what your value proposition is and what channels you will use to communicate it, you need to decide what to present. You need to decide how often to publish content, which events to participate in and which interviews and videos to use.

Happy employees are the best company ambassadors. Interview your employees with directed questions and present them in written form or even as a video.

Step 4: Start recruiting

We have already mentioned the advantages of employer branding for recruiting, which is often the first contact with your company.

The better you define and communicate what you expect from future employees and what they can expect from you, the smaller the risk of misunderstandings. The more suitable the applicants are, the easier and faster the whole recruitment process will be.

Step 5: Lower turnover

The last step is the supreme discipline of employer branding. Nothing helps your employer’s image more than satisfied employees who want to stay with you for a long time.

To make sure your employees are happy, you need to be in constant contact with them.

  • Do they feel valued in their role?
  • Are they satisfied with their job?
  • Do they feel that they have opportunities for development within the company?
  • And so on and so forth.

This point is very important and is like constant work. The world changes, as do expectations and demands. Open and transparent communication is the key to getting problems out of the way and creating a pleasant working environment for everyone.

3. Examples of what makes an employer brand attractive 

It is important to have an open corporate culture and transparent communication in the company because this builds trust.

Employees appreciate being given responsibility for their own area because they know that the company is counting on them.

Development opportunities are also fundamental, as well as flexibility in terms of home office arrangements.

Other benefits such as team events and additional offers like office yoga or free food are always welcome.

Overall, however, the most important thing is that employees are happy with their job roles and workplace, and know that the company stands behind them and values them.

Employer branding for your recruitment makes a promise to keep.

4. What do we do for our employer branding at LHC International?

We work on our employer branding for our recruitment, and we primarily focus on efficient measures that bind employees internally and in the long term. This has a direct external effect when recruiting new colleagues.

We support our employees with tailor-made training and coaching (Nadine, our COO is a certified coach), individual benefits, internal surveys, team events, individual success celebrations…

2 years ago, we also created the position of People & Office manager, and Sofia is doing it with patience and always with an open ear for everyone. She helps the team with its well-being and professional and personal development.

Sofia Jablonka

We communicate these values through different channels and try to involve the team in the process. Everyone is free to participate and share their experience at LHC International.

This allows potential applicants to get insights into the company, its success and news via LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. The website is our main channel with all information a candidate or a company could need about our consultant services.

We use different content and a ton of voice depending on the channels. LinkedIn is more professional, and the content is mostly focused on our work while Instagram shows more about our events, anniversaries…

It is particularly important to us that applicants gain an authentic insight into the corporate culture and the working atmosphere directly via the homepage.

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