Alex went the extra mile for me.

Congratulation to our candidate K. for his new position as a Sales Manager for an online sales platform. Alexander Witthaus Rebolledo, a recruiter in Sales & Marketing for LHC International helped and advised him during the whole recruitment process.

In this Sales Manager Candidate Success Story 2, K. explains how the 2,5 weeks process worked and how the cooperation with Alex was.

K.’s background:

  • 24 years old
  • Born in Germany
  • Started studying for a Bachelor of Science at Paderborn University
  • Continued with a Bachelor of Art at Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft with a focus on Sales Management
  • Started as a working student as a Sales Assistant and then Junior Sales Manager at an I.T. Service and Consulting company for almost 3 years
  • Since August 2022, he is a Sales Manager at an online sales platform.
Konstantin Success Story II

How did the contact between Alex from LHC International and you happen?

I wanted to change position and started to look for a new job in March/April 2022.

I was receiving many messages from recruiters on social media. But I never really replied to them because you could see that their messages were kind of generic. When you receive many generic messages, you don’t check them any more as it is too much.

Then I received a message on LinkedIn from a recruiter from LHC that was short, concise, and personalised, and I really appreciated it. It just caught my eye.

I had a nice call with the Sales & Marketing team recruiter. She talked about different job offers they had from clients, and Alex took over the recruitment process.

He presented some job offers from different companies and I selected the ones that were interesting to me. I had 4 interviews with my actual company and a personality test.

The process was done very fast, it took around 2-3 weeks

How did Alex concretely help you?

Alex went the extra mile for me.

From the beginning to the end of the process, I didn’t have the feeling that Alex was trying to sell me something or to push me. And that was very important for me. I am a Salesman myself and I never do that with my customers. He let me take my own decisions.

What I liked about Alex, is that he directly selected the right job offer for me, the one that suited my profile and what I was looking for. And today I am working for this company.

He also often checked on me and followed the whole recruitment process with me. He was always calling me the day before an interview to give me the essential information I needed to know for the call.

What convinced you to accept the job?

The recruitment process of a company tells you a lot about its organisation and whether it is a good company to work for.

I could see through the documented recruitment process that the company is well-organised. I also liked the industry, and I knew the company before.

The only point that could have changed my mind was the 100% remote condition, as I am used to working in an office. I wanted to find a new job with a hybrid model where I could choose between office and remote.

But my new company did something very good. They gave me the possibility to talk to one of their employees. He was not part of the recruitment process, but he agreed to answer my questions. I asked him if he got used to working 100% remotely. He explained that now, he couldn’t imagine himself working differently. He helped me to put my fear away.

Can you explain to me what your company does, and what is your new job?

My company is working in the online marketing industry. Clients can sell digital products and we are a reseller. We allow them to run their whole business with our website and help them manage it. We provide them with payment, we have a legal team for them…

In the company, I am a Sales Manager. I manage the leads that we receive. I am talking to those leads to understand what they are looking for, what are their goals, and how we can help them. My task is to get to know these potential clients, understand them, and give them what they need to be successful with our service/tool.

What are your goals for your career?

I love sales; I cannot see myself doing something else now.

But my big wish would be to have my own company one day. So, for now, I need and want to keep learning, mostly in sales. To better understand how companies work, and what are their processes. I am gathering knowledge to be able to build my own company.

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