How to write a resignation letter in Thailand?

In our article “How to quit respectfully in Thailand?”, we have put together what we think is important when resigning from your working contract.

You often ask yourself the question: How to write a resignation letter? What do I write in a resignation letter?

Indeed, point 4 of our blog article refers to the resignation letter, which must fulfil certain formal criteria.

For this reason, you will find below three examples of termination letters, as an employee, how to write a resignation letter in Thailand. You can choose the one that better suits you.

Remember that it is very essential to make sure that your supervisor has received your letter and confirmed this with you. And we also recommend that you hand the letter to your supervisor in person during your dismissal interview.

Example 1

Date _____________

I am (Mr. / Mrs. / Miss)____________________________________

Placement Position __________________________________________ resignation on ______________________________________ ended from being a staff member on ____________________________________________________






Example 2

Date: ________________

Subject: ______________________________________

Dear HR Manager,

This letter serves as my resignation from (company) as of (__/__/__), which will be my last day.

It has been a real pleasure working at (company). I want to thank you for giving me great support, understanding, and encouragement during my employment in your company.

I wish you and everyone the best of luck and much success in the future.




Example 3

Date: ______________

From: (Your name)

To: HR Manager

Subject: Resignation of my working contract

My name is _____________________ Presently I am working as a __________________________ in_____________________ (department).

Due to some personal reasons, I would like to resign from my working contract effective on ________________ (Last day).

Please treat this letter as my resignation request for your approval process accordingly.

Sincerely Yours,

Signature: ____________________

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