For International Women’s Day, we asked each female employee of LHC International worldwide the same questions.

We wanted to better understand what challenges they faced as a woman during their career.

From Berlin to Bangkok via Mallorca, singles and partners, mothers in a part-time or full-time job, students in an internship at LHC International, from different countries, ages and religions.

This month, each week, we will publish the answers to 3 questions from each female employee.

What challenges have you faced as a woman in your career?


Consultant - Berlin

So far, I have not faced any negative experiences as a woman in the professional world. I have been valued in every company and position so far, and my skills and knowledge have been in the foreground.

I also never had the feeling of being discriminated against because of my gender. However, in recruitment consulting, you quickly notice that companies continue to discriminate against applicants based on their gender. Especially, women around 30 are watched very closely and scrutinised during the probationary period. In this case, it is my job as a consultant to point out the AGG to the companies.


Consultant - Berlin

I must say that I have not experienced any major hurdles so far.

However, what I find unfortunate and what I have also experienced in the past is that women in leadership positions often make very high demands on other women who are subordinate to them. We should stick together more and support each other.

Unfortunately, I have little respect for women with such behavior and have already changed jobs for this reason. I am all the happier that my current job has exactly the opposite situation.


Consultant - Bangkok

The challenge that I face a lot is getting exploited and looked down upon for my kindness. The equality issue in the East is somehow more severe than in the West.

However, I have learned to be confident in my career and share this meaningful duty experience with the person whom I speak with.


Consultant - Berlin

Studies, a year abroad, training. All that, and then a career change into an industry where no previous knowledge is necessary?

The decision to switch from a crisis-proof job to sales was not easy. My gut feeling decided and fortunately did not disappoint me.


Recruiter - Berlin

As a woman, I want to be successful professionally, but at the same time, my family and having children are important to me.

But balancing both is a bit difficult, especially considering I immigrated to Germany 3.5 years ago and by nature have a few things on my plate that I need to tackle first.

Stephanie Watzek - Managing Consultant Hospitality


Consultant - Berlin

Especially as a mother, I have unfortunately often experienced injustice.

Of course, mothers need a little more flexibility – but so do fathers! – But the fact that we usually work more effectively and are better organised and structured is often overlooked.

You develop so many personal skills during parental leave, and unfortunately you often only see the «burden» of more flexibility and more sick days due to the children.

I once was refused a job on the grounds that «you as a young mother and the commuting involved – we don’t think it would work in the long run.» If I had been a man, would I have received the same rejection? Probably not.


People & Culture - Berlin

Looking back, as a woman, I almost never had problems in my career because, in 95% of my jobs, I always had women as bosses who saw my potential and developed me. They gave me opportunities to grow and advised me on how to do so.

After the birth of my 2 children, I had my first male boss, who also saw this quality and promoted me. Garry gave me the chance, now almost 2 years ago, to settle into my current new HR role completely from scratch and to grow up here. Thanks for that!


Consultant - Berlin

The first time I really faced the gender issue in my career was when I planned my re-entry after parental leave.

Although I did a good job in my former position, I didn’t get the chance to do the same job part-time without any specific explanation. It was simply not in the mind of the company that it is possible to still be successful in a sales part-time job or to offer opportunities to the employee to make it possible. Although it was a great employer in general.

I decided to look for a new employer with success and was happy to find LHC. The question was rather asked here, what do the company have to offer to the employee to be successful in a part-time sales position, and the answer is quite simple: Trust, flexibility, and support!


Manager - Bangkok

I don’t see many challenges for women in the recruitment industry in Thailand.

As a recruitment consultant, being friendly and easy to get along with people is important, although in the process we need to make sharp communication and be direct.

I think that is an advantage to be a woman.


Consultant - Bangkok

Sometimes, we are underestimated concerning our understanding of business compared with men.

We have to work hard, study hard, and be a professional as much as we can.


Finance - Mallorca

Managing work & motherhood in the best possible way.

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