For International Women’s Day, we asked each female employee of LHC International worldwide the same questions.

We wanted to know which advice they would give to women interested in the recruitment industry.

From Berlin to Bangkok via Mallorca, singles and partners, mothers in a part-time or full-time job, students in an internship at LHC International, from different countries, ages and religions.

This month, each week, we will publish the answers to 3 questions from each female employee.

Which advice would give to women interested in recruitment?



Manager - Bangkok

It is important to be confident as a recruitment consultant. Not only about the job but people skill too. Being a person whom your client or candidate can trust and rely on is something that will not happen naturally, but rather make effort to create it.

Nadja Sobe


Consultant - Berlin

It is not specific advice for women, but in general: try to be more of a consultant than only a salesperson for candidates and companies.

Listen to their needs, stay authentic, and find your own way! It is a great job for everyone who loves to work with people and who wants to do a sales job with a great purpose.

Jaqueline Levin


Finance - Mallorca

Take advantage of the opportunity to have a work & life balance and unlimited earning potential as soon as you build up your know-how & network.

Linda Zinkler


Consultant - Berlin

Listen to your gut feeling. If you’re curious about the idea of trying recruiting, then do it. It’s a great way to help women get the salaries they actually deserve.



Consultant - Bangkok

Women should be confident and determined. Truly believing in themselves and setting goals in advance would be easier to pave their way to advancement.

Valerie Kempel


Consultant - Berlin

Take a close look at the management levels of a company. If women are represented there – especially in large numbers – you are with the right employer. This is a good sign and shows that, regardless of gender, the know-how is relevant, and you will find role models for yourself.



Consultant - Bangkok

Be confident, be yourself and open your mind to the variety of people’s personalities and be ready to embrace the differences of human beings.

You will enjoy getting to know new people every day and at the end of the day, you will learn a lot about them, and you can turn around to understand yourself more.



Consultant - Bangkok

We have a strong point in the delicacy that a lot of men cannot understand.

Meanwhile, this sense makes us one step ahead of them when things kind of distract from the way there should be, and that makes us well-prepared.



Consultant - Bangkok

To be a good listener is a good quality to have in our job, what we need to do is to focus on our duties, not the others.



Consultant - Bangkok

Practice a lot and try to find your own style to complete the project. Don’t forget that you have your own life and family.

Leila Reichert


Consultant - Berlin

To start a career in recruiting, you should be communicative, empathetic, well-organised and self-confident, and preferably have a sales drive.

Many women bring these qualities innately. If recruiting is your passion or dream job, then work on your skills and pursue your goals. With enough willpower, anything is possible.

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