Table of Content:

  1. Real estate industry: Team spirit is the most important soft skill
  2. Tax Management: Expertise is crucial
  3. Controller, accountant & Co: communication skills especially in demand
  4. IT industry: focus on cultural fit

The Corona pandemic has changed the world of work a lot. What is more important today: soft skills or hard skills? We focus on 4 industries that have different requirements for their applicants – from Real Estate to Tax, Finance, and IT.

Real Estate industry: Team spirit is the most important soft skill

Teamwork, communication, and flexibility are increasingly in demand in the Real Estate industry. Companies in this sector are mainly looking for applicants who have good social skills. Like everywhere else, there is a shortage of skilled workers. This makes it the most important for companies to retain employees and hire new colleagues who are a good fit for the company.

Tips for Real Estate professionals:

Show off your social skills in job applications by communicating openly and being transparent about the most important topics and activities in your career so far. Ask questions when you are being interviewed and show interest in the company’s practices. This will be appreciated.

What are the 3 most important skills for a career in real estate?

  1. Professional competence
  2. Team spirit
  3. Management skills
Real Estate professionals

 Tax Management: Expertise is crucial

Tax consulting, on the other hand, has not seen any significant changes as a result of the pandemic. In tax departments, technical skills are still in the foreground and are considered almost exclusively decisive. No wonder, after all, seamless financial accounting and correct bookkeeping is the cornerstone of a successful company. Accounting, annual financial statements, tax returns, etc. are therefore basic skills that are required of applicants. Depending on the company, experience with international issues (IFRS, DTAs, etc.) or with a specific client focus, such as healthcare, self-employed, or artists, may be required.

Tips for Tax Professionals:

List your professional expertise and research in advance the focus of the company you are interested in. You should tailor your application materials accordingly. Be precise and detailed.

Tax Professionals

The 3 most important skills and positions in the tax field:

  1. Qualification as tax specialist (Steuerfangestellte, Steuerfachwirt, etc.)
  2. Tax specialists/tax assistants with studies
  3. Tax consultants (Steuerberater) especially in larger law firms

Controller, accountant & Co: communication skills especially in demand

The financial industry has changed a lot due to the pandemic: Digital skills are more in demand than ever due to home office and future hybrid work models. Social skills have become more important, especially at the management level. Employee management at a distance, motivational strategies, and employee satisfaction are currently central topics, especially to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in one’s own company. Skills currently in demand are Accounting, Data and Analytics, and Financial Reporting & Cash Flow Management.

Tips for finance and accounting experts:

As an applicant, you should describe the projects you have been involved in. Mention collaborations with other departments to demonstrate your ability to work in a team and openness to other areas. Also, find out about the latest trends – your industry is fast-moving and your future employers are interested in whether you enjoy continuing your education. How can applicants best demonstrate these skills in their application?

The 3 most important skills for a job for controllers, accountants & Co:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Technical know-how
  3. Feeling for new trends 
finance and accounting experts:

IT industry: focus on cultural fit

The IT sector is also seeing significant changes. The most important skills for a job for companies are currently strong communication skills and flexibility – and there is also a strong focus on cultural fit. This refers to a cultural match in which applicants and employers have the same values.

Tips for IT experts:

Technical skills are still the most important. Increasingly, employers are also paying attention to a candidate’s personal attitude and social skills – after all, these are crucial for a successful career and long-term collaboration.

IT experts

These 3 most important skills IT professionals should have:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Flexibility
  3. Strong sense of identity with the company.

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