What is a Hotel F&B Manager and what are the required skills and studies to become one?

A food and beverage (F&B) manager is responsible for the overall operations of a restaurant, bar, or other establishments that serve food and drinks.

Her/His role is to plan, control, and organise all aspects of the Food and Beverage outlets to the highest standard and follow the operating procedures. The Hotel F&B Manager needs to ensure that the food is top quality and that the restaurant will not run out of food and beverage.

What are the different job titles?

  • F&B Manager
  • Director of F&B
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Cluster F&B Manager
  • F&B Operations Manager
  • F&B Supervisor

What is the role of an F&B Manager?

An F&B Manager is responsible for maintaining consistent and smooth-running operations and for the management of restaurants and/or bars.

This may include managing a team of employees, creating and implementing marketing strategies, overseeing inventory and ordering supplies, managing budgets and financial reporting, and ensuring that the establishment adheres to all relevant health and safety regulations.

In addition, an F&B manager may be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with suppliers, coordinating events and catering services, and ensuring that the establishment provides excellent customer service. The specific responsibilities of an F&B manager can vary depending on the size and type of establishment they work in.

An F&B Manager works directly with the restaurant/bar staff, the chef, and its cooks. But also, with the Sales & Marketing team (if there is one) to create special offerings and with the General Manager of the business.

What are the main tasks of a Hotel F&B Manager?

The main tasks of an F&B Manager that you could find in a job description are the following:

  • Plan and manage all food and beverage orders and inventories
  • Ensure Food & Beverage relevant brand standards are maintained
  • Ensure scenography standards of atmosphere and cleanliness of the restaurant/bar/event spaces
  • Ensure consistent and efficient service is provided by a well-trained team to the guests
  • Document, train, and communicate all operational and sanitary procedures and protocols to the staff
  • Monitoring and daily tracking of payroll and revenue
  • Maintaining cost efficiencies through forecasting, inventory controls and staffing
  • Prioritise Guest satisfaction and manage guests feedbacks and (uncomfortable) situations
  • Partner with Sales and Marketing to create innovative food and beverage offerings
  • Assist in outlets and Banquets

What are the skills required for an F&B Manager?

Hard Skills:

  • Related restaurant management software, e.g. Opentable
  • PMS: Fidelio, Opera…
  • POS: Micros
  • English

Soft Skills:

  • Organisation
  • Time management
  • Flexibility
  • Negotiation
  • Strong customer service
  • Problem solver
  • Stress
  • Hands-on mentality
  • Team leadership
  • Eloquence
  • Service and quality awareness

What salary does an F&B Manager earn?

Depending on which city or country you are living in and the size of the hotel, the salary might differ.

The gross salaries per year are around:

  • 0 – 5 years: EUR 38.000 45.000
  • 6 – 10 years: EUR 45.000 – 60.000
  • > 10 years: EUR > 60.000

What are the qualifications to become an F&B Manager?

To become a Hotel F&B Manager, it is required to have an in-depth knowledge of the food and beverage industry. Management and experience dealing with budget and financial targets is also a must.

You can do a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management, culinary arts, or equivalent experience and you must have experience working in a restaurant.

You can also start working in a restaurant in a lower position as a waiter or assistant F&B Manager for example and gain experience in the field to become an F&B Manager.

Hotel F&B Manager Template

You can download the full description of the Hotel F&B Manager position.


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