Hospitality struggles with staffing gaps.

The labor market is developing positively, but not for every sector: After the lockdown measures marked a deep cut for the entire economy last year, the Institute for Employment Research (Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung – IAB) recorded the highest labor market barometer since records began in June. Accordingly, the IAB expects a strongly positive trend that allows the labor market as a whole to recover. This is particularly evident in the positive employment trend: Thanks to the easing of restrictions, especially in the crisis industries of the past year, more and more people are now pushing their way back into the labor market.

Hospitality struggles with staffing gaps

“We are currently seeing a sharp increase in inquiries, particularly in the hospitality sector,” says Garry Levin, managing director of executive search firm LHC International. “The industry is now feeling the effects of the fact that a large percentage of the hotel staff had to change careers last year and change industries due to the closures. Now that hotels can return to normal operations, it is important to close the staffing gap. Those who have not managed to maintain contact with interesting candidates in recent months are now particularly struggling with a shortage of applicants.” The German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) recently reported that around 42 percent of businesses in the hospitality sector were affected by staff transfers to other industries, and 30 percent were still unable to open at the time of the relaxations because they lacked employees**.

Other industries, while not as impacted by the pandemic containment measures as the hospitality sector, are also seeing strong demand for staff. “The situation remains urgent in IT and finance,” Levin said. “Here, technical and managerial staff continue to be in high demand, especially in cybersecurity and controlling. In the real estate sector, there is a particular shortage of property managers at the moment.”

Taking advantage of positive developments in the labor market.

The current upswing is not only a welcome development for the economy and employers; it also holds great potential for jobseekers. “For example, those who would like to switch to the hospitality industry or make a career comeback can currently draw almost from the full range, depending on their qualifications,” says Levin. Anyone unsure whether their CV is suitable for their dream job or how best to achieve their dream job can, for example, seek help from a specialised recruitment consultancy.


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