„Arnold from LHC International understood perfectly my needs and expectations“

Congratulations to our candidate M. for his new position as IT System Administrator for an Online Learning Platform in Berlin. Arnold Carleo, recruiter in IT for LHC International helped and advised him during the whole recruitment process.

In this IT System Administrator Success Story, M. explains how the 5 weeks process worked and how it saved him time finding a new job.

M.’s background:

  • Born in Egypt
  • Studied in Ras EL-Bar in Egypt at the Higher Institute of Management and Computer and received a diploma in Management and Computer
  • Continuation of his studies in Germany at IHK (Informations- und Telekommunikationssystem)
  • Currently studying part-time Business Psychology
  • 18 years of experience as an IT Specialist, IT System Administrator, and IT Manager
  • Working for the last 4 years in universities to create learning platforms for students and teachers: the creation of the website, content creation, communication, and project management in IT
Candidate Story Telling

How did the contact between Arnold from LHC International and you happen?

Arnold Carleo

Arnold contacted me while I was finishing the project I was working on at my former company in Potsdam. The timing was perfect. He sent me a message on LinkedIn telling me that he found my profile interesting and wanted to know if I would like to have a call with him to get to know each other.

He asked me questions about my path, my experience if I was looking for new challenges, what was going on in my current company, and what I was looking for in my career.

How did Arnold concretely help you?

The whole process was very organised. Once I agreed to work with him to find new opportunities for my career, he contacted his clients to know which position they had in IT.

Then he shared with me the job description and only sent the company my profile once I confirmed my interest in the position.

Are you happy about the whole process?

I am! Arnold was in constant communication with us during the whole process, always exchanging information about our needs and expectations. I could see that he understood his client.

Before the interviews, he was explaining to me what the interviewer was expecting: which type of profile, which values and what skills. It was an easy flow of communication without any complications. It was very interesting to work with Arnold during this recruitment process.

He brought people together, that in another time wouldn’t have been able to meet.

He also saved a lot of time on both parts: for his client as he only sent them profiles that were fitting their expectations. And to me as he checked first what I wanted and if I was interested in the position and the company. It was very efficient.

What convinced you to accept the job?

I liked that the company showed me they needed someone with my knowledge as an IT System Administrator, in the field they needed. I know that I will bring something to this company.

I also like the fact that the whole process and communication with them were clear and precise. They didn’t hide anything from me, they were very open.

It is also a company that is investing and interested in innovations like cloud services. They know they need new people to do and get better, innovate and grow. So, I know that I will have the possibilities to grow within the company.

I also like the fact that they accept that they don’t have the competencies to do everything on their own. They are not afraid to work with others or to hire professionals to grow. Just like they hire LHC International to help them with their recruitment.

What are your goals for your career?

I want to have a lot of new challenges.

I love learning, so I would like to cover all kinds of positions related to IT, like recruitment for IT jobs, and having missions with more connection with humans and not only machines. Getting more knowledge in projects in sales and marketing in correlation with IT projects.

I already have 18 years of experience in IT infrastructure and projects so I would like to extend myself in other directions, to be fully operational in all the domains that exist in IT.

The Candidate Success Story was conducted by Margaux Sauvage – Marketing Manager at LHC International.

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