Martin gave a good push for my self-worth.

Congratulations to our candidate J. for her job as Senior Sales Manager for a provider of flexible office solutions and co-working spaces. Martin Semrau, Senior Recruiter in Hospitality at LHC International, supported and advised her throughout the recruitment process.

In this Senior Sales Manager Success Story 3, J. explains how the 3.5-week process went and how the cooperation with Martin was.

J.’s background:

  • 30 years old.
  • Lives in Berlin.
  • Trained and worked as a travel agent for a bus travel company for 2 years.
  • Distance learning course to become an event manager at ILS-Fernschule.
  • Assistant Customer Care and Reservation Group Sales for 3 years with a hotel chain.
  • Key Account Manager international for a hotel chain.
  • For 1 year, Senior Sales Manager at an office rental company.
Candidate Success Story 3 - Julia, Senior Sales Manager

How did the contact between Martin and you happen?

I have worked with Martin twice in my career, in 2019 and 2021.

In 2019, he contacted me on Xing to know if I was happy and satisfied with my work. I responded to his message because I could not develop my career anymore. He helped me find a new job in a hotel group.

We were in touch in between, just to give news or for birthday greetings for example, not for jobs. The contact worked super well. But in 2021 he contacted me because he had thought of me for a new opportunity.

Martin encouraged me to take this new job and pushed me to leave my comfort zone and do something new. I don’t know if I would have done it alone. I am very grateful for that.

How did Martin concretely help you?

Martin immediately noticed my potential, what my tasks were and what I could achieve.

Martin Semrau

Martin introduced me to a position at a hotel chain and I started there as a Junior Key Account Manager in 2019. I was able to develop my career well at the beginning and was quickly promoted to Regional Key Account Manager.

But in May 2021 came the turning point where we were all supposed to return to 100% office presence. There were additional problems between operations in the hotels and the sales teams. I didn’t feel comfortable anymore, and I wanted to change.

It was also the time when I would soon turn 30, and I just wanted a quieter job. At the hotel chain at that time, I travelled a lot and there was too little time for my private life.

In 2021, Martin called me for a specific job exactly at that time, and it was just the right moment. If he had called me 2 months earlier, I would have declined.

He introduced me to a sales position with a flexible office solution & co-working space provider. Not only did it fit my profile very well, but it also matched my preferences.

And after so many years of being in touch with Martin, I thought: if he thinks this position fits me, then I trust him.

How was the recruiting process for this new job?

I was not forgotten by Martin. He knows his candidates and that is valuable.

I had 2 interviews.

The first interview was a video call with the company’s recruiting manager, which went well. Already after that, I could imagine working there. Martin was present during the call, but without sound or video. Afterwards, he was able to give me feedback directly. That was very important for me.

Two weeks later, I had a second face-to-face interview with the general manager in Berlin. It was very interesting because the conversation was not an interview, but simply a conversation.

Before the interview, Martin had given me a lot of information and made sure I felt well-prepared.

There was always a lot of “caring” (support, information, tips, and tricks) from Martin.

The process took about 3.5 weeks.

What convinced you to accept the job?

I didn’t know the company before, but I wanted to continue working in the hotel industry or real estate. I also didn’t want to travel as much as before with the hotel chain. So, this new job was the opportunity to also improve my personal life and have more time for myself, family and friends.

I also liked the conversations with the company staff, it was very congenial. I also had the impression that my work was valued.

Can you explain what your company does, and what is your new job?

My company rents out flexible office solutions and co-working spaces in Germany.

I take care of the sales for Berlin and Hanover. We have 8 locations in Berlin that I manage with a colleague.

We get an enquiry, we answer it, we conduct viewings and negotiate contracts. Furthermore, we also do account management with active customers, e.g., to extend contracts, to organise community events and other events and conferences …

What are your goals for your career?

My new company now is the best place I’ve worked in a long time. I’m happy with where I am and how things are going at the moment.

At the moment, a colleague is on maternity leave, and I am looking forward to seeing how all three of us will work together in the future.

In the long term, I would like to have a job in a management position, but it doesn’t have to be now. I want to gain some more experience.

I also have a personal project in South Africa. I was travelling there for 4 weeks this summer and would like to return there again for 3 months. Furthermore, I have already talked about this with my current employer, and they are supportive. I will work in a national park as a guide and take care of guest services.

Candidate Success Story 3

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